Monday, November 18, 2013

The Industrial Revolution Brewing Company

The Brewery

Nate (left) and Tim (right)
Photo from The IRBC Facebook Page
This past Sunday we met some friends at The Industrial Revolution Brewing Company (Facebook Page), or IRBC for short, to watch some football and try out the newest (and only-est) brewery in Erie, CO.  I say "newest" but IRBC has actually been open for 6 weeks already, following years of planning by the owner and head brewer Tim Suttman and his son Nate Cervantes.  Nate wasn't at the brewery but Tim was behind the bar when we walked in.  NFL RedZone was on a TV in the corner, chili was warming in a crock pot and, of course, cold beer on tap.  The taproom has a very intimate feel with room to sit at two bars (the main bar and a second bar with a view out the windows) as well as tables and chairs and a patio off the side of the building.  

The brewery came about from an obvious passion for brewing great beers (we only needed a minute talking to Tim to see his commitment to great beer).  Like many of the best professional brewers in Colorado, Tim gained his brewing experience as a homebrewer.  In fact, his current brewing setup is essentially a larger version of what most homebrewers have in their garages.

To get a full scale brewing operation in the building, Tim and his son used a bit of ingenuity and insulated a tough shed off the side of the building and created their own walk in cooler.  Not stopping there, they built a system to pipe the cold air along with the tap lines from the cooler all the way to the taps themselves.  The tap handles themselves are made from railroad spikes to complete the industrial look.

The Beer

While all of the beer was really good, we will only call out our top three (which, in case you were wondering, was really difficult).  There were also two beers that weren't available when we were there (The amber and the stout) so they obviously weren't tasted but do give us a reason to go back.  You know, besides the other amazing beers that is.  

#3 Coal Hopper IPA: "Out IPA is a tasty golden beer with a hint of sweetness blended with a fistful of hops.  It's a well balanced IPA that pairs a smooth body with all American hops - Cascade and Amarillo for a crisp citrus finish."

Russ' Brewery Passport entry: This beer had a refreshing combination of citrus and mango hop flavors that was smoothed over by light caramel malt and vanilla undertones.  Very easy to drink and extremely refreshing beer.

Sarah's Brewery Passport entry: This is why we always get a flight whenever we go to a new brewery!!!  Traditionally I am not a big fan of IPAs, but I thought that this beer was fantastic!  The citrus finish is what sold me.  I could really smell the butterscotch when I went in for the taste and then it left me with the citrus at the end.  In a very IPA way, it gives you that sharp finish at the end that stays on the back of your tongue.  I thought that this beer was very well presented from start to finish of the tasting and really gave me several levels throughout my sips.  Loved going through those stages.  Very well done!!! 

#2 High Pressure Vanilla Porter: Our Porter is brewed in the old London style.  Black, malty and roasty taste it will appeal to the avid dark beer drinkers and coffee drinkers alike.  Moderate alcohol content and a good blast of vanilla bean at the end will broaden it's appeal."

Russ' Brewery Passport entry: This beer has a delicious roasted malt flavor that combined with rich vanilla and coffee undertones.  It is exceptionally well brewed and has a delicious combination of flavors.  The only reason this is my second favorite is the strength of the vanilla, while enjoyable, also masked some of the more subtle flavors and malty notes in the beer.  When this beer warmed up the vanilla became even more prominent   When it says "a good blast of vanilla bean at the end" it means it and definitely will make the beer more appealing to people who traditionally don't like porters.

Sarah's Brewery Passport entry: People like me!!  I love Russ, but I think that he is totally wrong!!!  I thought that the blast of vanilla at the end is what made this beer so awesome.  I could really taste the coffee and traditional Porter flavors at the start of my sip with this beer, and unlike other vanilla porters, could only taste the vanilla at the end.  And the strength of the vanilla at the end is what made me choose this beer as my number one beer!!!!!  I think if you are going to label a beer with a specific flavor, you have to go big or go home, and that what our friends at IRBC did!!!!  Two thumbs up and I am definitely coming back for more of this beer!!!

#1 London Bridge Brown Ale: A caramely rich ale brewed in the old style of London browns, this beer will warm you up on a fall day.  Brewed with brown malt and plenty of crystal its sweet and malty with a touch of English hops."

Russ' Brewery Passport entry: This was an amazing beer!  It had an extremely rich carmely flavor but was still complex and thoughtful.  The earthy hop tones magnified the combination of malts and the warming sensation that this beer gives is calming and mellow.  I really liked this beer and requested a second glass of it while Tim gave us a tour of his brewing operation (you can't tour a brewery without a beer in hand after all!).  I will definitely be ordering another pint of this beer when we are at IRBC again.

Sarah's Brewery Passport entry:  The perfect ale to enjoy on a cold day!!  Maybe stop in a get this ale and hope that they have some of their chili out!!!  This is the type of beer I love, the kind that can warm your soul!!!  I thought that this beer was caramelie  but still crisp, smokey, but still sweet.  It took me through several flavor crescendos and had be sipping and re-sipping to try to find and identify all of the flavors.   

Two of Sarah's top three weren't in my list which just shows the diverse tastes in beer that people have.  Industrial Revolution Brewing Company definitely covered the differences from light easy drinking beers to darker more complex ones.

The Industrial Revolution Brewing Company will be in our new Colorado Brewery Passport that will be available on November 29th so we will definitely be coming back to get our new Passport stamped!  Tim, if you are reading this we will definitely bring you one as our gift to you for your time and showing us around your brewery!



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